PalUP Ling | Amazing Don!

Don MacLean aka Robbie Dingo, dedica-se a projectos artísticos em Second Life. O seu blog dá conta de um dos seus projectos usando Machinima, e que acho verdadeiramente imperdível. Como tal, deixo-vos o video e o texto que o Don publica em anexo. Disfrutem muito:

"Frameless heads on nameless walls, with eyes that watch the world and can't forget - like the strangers that you've met". [Don McLean].
Ever looked at your favorite painting and wished you could wander inside, to look at it from different perspectives? Spend a single day in one of mine, from early sunrise on a new day, to dusk when lights come on in cosy homes; through a peaceful night, till morning.
Shot on location in Second Life then post-produced, this was an idea I had a while ago. The Sim in this work was on temporary loan so it's all been swept away now, leaving only the film behind. It was always intended however that the video would be the end product, not the build.
This work is dedicated to the many weird and very wonderful strangers from around the globe I have met, but have neverreally met."

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