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Mensagem sobre SL Etiquette na mailing list SLED (SL Educators):

"This kind of spells it out more than the official LL document. However these are cultural things I see new folks do/not do repeatedly:

1. DO ask questions of other people to learn. (i.e. Where can I learn to build? Where did you get your hair? What's the most beautiful place I can visit?) (Don't just use Search.. ask "live" people)

2. Do not ask personal (real world) questions of people .. at least not right away. Many people like to keep their first and second life separate. (Taking a peek at someone's profile can give you some clues to their preferences.)

3. Do not offer friendship the first minute you meet someone. Some folks like to get to know someone first. However, you can always offer them your Calling Card :-)

4. Do not "Map" people you know and drop in unannounced. Start an IM first and ask to come over.

5. Thank people. Some people in SL will go WAY out of their way to be helpful and kind. They are rarely thanked.

6. Finally - always, always remember that each avatar you meet is a real person with real feelings.

Cathy Arreguin, MA, Educational Technology
Instructor: SDSU, EDTEC700: 3D MultiUser Learning Environments
Instructional Technology * Educational Media * Virtual Instruction"

Well, well, Cathy ;)

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