PalUP Ling | Acessibilidade em SL II

Na continuação do post anterior, achei que valia a pena publicar uma resposta ao mail de Nina, enviada por Stan Trevena, com boas pistas de reflexão sobre o espaço em SL:

"I have a close friend in a wheelchair, he plays these games and virtual worlds as an escape from reality (as I usually do), not as a mirror of his personal reality. I've seen many instances where he builds friendships online that then extend into real life. Of course in real life, people are usually put off by his being in a wheelchair, and his disability (CP). I've always seen platforms like SL as the great equalizer, people meet and get to know each other on a mental and intellectual level before meeting (if ever) in real life. One could only wish that things worked in real life more like they do in SL, and that people would not prematurely label a person based on their physical appearance and miss an opportunity to get to know that person before deciding if they are interesting or compatible.
As far as wheelchairs and SL, I think it is somewhat silly to expect people to build structures that are wheelchair friendly in SL. I am one that wrestles with the balance between what people expect and what I deliver in SL with respect to buildings on a daily basis. I just finished building an aquarium on PacRimX Island (pics at the blog, http://pacificrimx.wordpress.com ) . I think stairs and ramps are an incredible waste of space and prims. If you can fly in SL, why put up artificial barriers that simply become obstacles to overcome. There are no doors in the aquarium building (outside of one for the entrance to the attic space). There are also no stairs anywhere in the building. As a matter of fact, almost all of the multi-story buildings on the island are sans stairs. Why waste the prims and inflict another obstacle on avatars by putting in stairs. Most people use some sort of texture optical illusion to make a ramp look like stairs, why??
I think a person is more "in denial" if they do not thrive in these virtual spaces, and spread their wings and do the things they can't in RL. Why on Earth would you want to bring your real life limitations into a virtual space where there are no limits? (this from a person who always wears glasses in these virtual worlds, but I like to think of it as more of a fashion statement )."

Stan Trevena / Director, Information and Technology Services / Modesto City Schools

E em reposta:

"Thanks Stan. I though I was alone in my opinion. I love your line "I've always seen platforms like SL as the great equalizer". You have put into words that which I have struggled to."

Best Regards, Nina70 Voom (SL)

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