PalUP Ling | Acessibilidade em SL

Apenas para deixar um depoimento de uma das participantes na mailing list "SLED - Second Life Educators", e que dá que pensar... (este tema já tem sido abordado e existem inúmeros relatos deste tipo):

"I have been a silent member on this list for some time, reading the posts as they are delivered to my inbox. However, my time of being silent is now over, as I cannot let this one pass!
As a wheelchair user and an SL user, I find that other wheelchair uses remarks, such as, 'to be realistic' and 'in denial' extremely offensive.
One of the good points to being an avatar in SL is the great feeling I get seeing my avatar walk and fly. Abled bodied RL people do not avoid flying in SL just because they cannot do it in RL; the same can be said for walking, just because I cannot do it in RL does not mean I should not do it in SL. Just because I have extreme difficulties with my RL mobility does not, and should not mean that I should restrict my avatar in SL.
I understand full, the accessability issues within both RL and SL, however, why should I not find some small enjoyment of the freedom that I can gain in SL. I also enjoy, the fact that I am not judged as mentally disabled as well as physically at first sight as I am in RL, even though I have no mental disabilities. Let me just state that I am not in denial of my disability I came to terms with it years ago when this degenerating disease struck, so to be told that I am in denial is both untrue and hurtful!

Best Regards,

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silvia disse...

Bem, este depoimento é brutal!
Obrigada, Pal, por o partilhares connosco!

Rita-Sousa disse...

Este depoimento mostra-nos tb como as novas tecnologias podem ser importantes p pessoas c algum tipo de problema físico deste género.